Discover your Yearly Tarot Card

Discover your Yearly Tarot Card

In this post we'll be talking about the concept of Tarot year cards. Each year we have our own corresponding Tarot card from the major arcana that represents the overarching theme for our year. Your yearly card can provide helpful insights into the predominant energies and lessons you will experience in that year. 

Mary K. Greer has written extensively about Tarot Year cards in her books, including Who are you in the Tarot?, Archetypal Tarot, and Tarot for Yourself if you are interested in reading more about this topic.

Depending on what resonates best for you, the messages from your yearly card can begin on January 1st, or they can start on your birthday and then circle back around to your next birthday. The experience of these energy shifts may vary based on when your birthday falls, with some feeling them more prominently at the beginning of the year or closer to their birthday.

There's no doubt that each year brings its own set of experiences, challenges, and blessings but what I find really Interesting is that some major arcana cards will continue to show up for you throughout your lifetime while others never do. This is a great indicator of the specific lessons we are meant to master in this lifetime. I think this is so fascinating, and learning about your yearly Tarot cards can really help you understand your journey on a much deeper level. It is a great way to tap into the overarching theme and lessons that lie ahead and help you prepare for incoming energies. You can also look back and reflect on previous years to gain valuable insight and draw upon past lessons as well. 

To calculate your Tarot card for the year, combine the day and month of your birth with the desired year. Add the resulting numbers in a row, and if the sum exceeds 22, reduce it further by adding the individual digits together. For  this exercise we will be changing the Fool from 0 to 22 so its message will still represent the end and beginning of a cycle.


If your birthday is April 15 and you want to find your card for 2024:

4 + 15 + 2024 = 2043

2 + 0 + 4 + 3 = 9

Your Tarot Card for 2024 is #9 = The Hermit

Or if your birthday is December 10 and you want to look back at a previous year, let's say 1975

12 + 10 + 1975 = 1997

1 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 26

2 + 6 = #8 Strength

Find your corresponding Tarot year card below:

22: The Fool

Embrace a fresh, new beginning this year. A leap of faith will take you on unexpected adventures and spontaneous opportunities, leading to personal growth and self-discovery. While you may not be fully prepared and may even feel a little apprehensive, know that you are supported by the universe in your pursuits. 

1: The Magician

Unlock the power of manifestation and growth this year. This could indicate breakthroughs and the mastery of new skills, encouraging a transformative journey of self-realization. Embrace a mindset of openness to new learning experiences, trusting in your ability to bring your desires into reality.

2: The High Priestess

You’ll be really tapping into your intuition and psychic abilities this year so pay close attention to signs, synchronicities, and even your dreams. Intuitive insights will be at the forefront, guiding you through a year of profound self-discovery. When faced with major decisions, remember to always trust your gut feelings and inner wisdom.

3: The Empress

Something beautiful and long lasting is being born for you right now (figuratively or literally.) You may experience the nurturing of creative projects and the cultivation of fruitful ideas, suggesting a period of abundance and fertility. 

4: The Emperor

Establish structure and take on leadership roles. This year, you may find yourself taking charge of a challenging situation at work, demonstrating your ability to lead with authority and maintain a sense of order. Your leadership skills will be tested and celebrated while you are laying a firm foundation for your future.

5: The Hierophant

There will be a strong focus on spiritual development and learning from others this year. Immerse yourself in spiritual thinking, education, and the cultivation of new skills. Joining a spiritual community, enrolling in a course, or seeking a mentor may provide valuable guidance and help you connect with deeper spiritual truths.

6: The Lovers

This year, focus on building stronger connections with loved ones and making decisions that align with your values and bring fulfillment to your relationships.

Navigate a year where partnerships and choices take center stage. You may experience deep connections and choices that shape your relationships, indicating that love and decisions will be significant themes. 

7: The Chariot

Navigating challenges with determination and willpower will be the theme this year. In a practical sense, this card encourages you to set clear goals so you can triumphantly overcome any obstacle. Your laser focus will help you achieve success.

8: Strength

Cultivating inner strength and resilience will be at the forefront this year. When faced with adversity, approaching challenges with a calm and patient mindset, will demonstrate your ability to overcome obstacles with grace and determination.

9: The Hermit

Embrace solitude for self-discovery. Allocate time for self-reflection and introspection.You may have some profound realizations about yourself and your journey this year while doing some long overdue soul searching.

10: The Wheel of Fortune

Expect the unexpected! Embrace the cyclical nature of life. Be prepared for unexpected changes in your career or personal life, and use adaptability to navigate the shifts, recognizing that change is a natural part of the journey.

11: Justice

Navigate a year of balance and karma. This signifies a period in which consequences of earlier decisions (yours or others) may manifest now. In practical terms, this could suggest that legal matters are being resolved justly or that you will be taking steps to address imbalances in your personal or professional life. This is a good reminder to always put out what you wish to receive in order to maintain balance and harmony in your life.

12: The Hanged Man

Surrender and gain a new perspective this year. When faced with a dilemma, consider taking a step back and viewing the situation from a different angle, allowing yourself to see new possibilities and solutions.

13: Death

Embrace transformation and new beginnings. This year, be open to significant changes in your life, such as letting go of outdated habits or pursuing a new direction in your career for personal growth.

14: Temperance

Find harmony and balance in all aspects of life. In practical terms, this may involve creating a balanced daily routine, integrating work and leisure, and fostering moderation in various aspects of your life.

15: The Devil

Confront and release limiting beliefs. Recognize and challenge self-imposed limitations, perhaps by seeking therapy, engaging in self-reflection, or taking steps to break free from toxic relationships or situations.

16: The Tower

This year, unexpected events may lead to significant shifts in your life, prompting you to adapt and rebuild with resilience. Embrace sudden change and know that it is for the best. Once things that no longer serve you are cleared then you can start to pave the way for something much better!

17: The Star

Have faith and embrace hope this year. During challenging times, maintain a positive outlook, focus on the potential for growth and renewal, and allow hope to guide you through obstacles. 

18: The Moon

The energies of this year will emphasize the lessons of navigating your intuition and emotions. It may indicate the need for paying attention to dreams and trusting your instincts in decision-making, presenting opportunities for exploring the mysteries of the subconscious mind. 

19: The Sun

This year brings positivity and success. You will be celebrating achievements, both big and small, and experiencing opportunities full of happy blissful energy. This is a wonderful period of happiness and fulfillment.

20: Judgement

This year will emphasize the lessons of reflecting on your life and making positive changes. It may indicate the need for self-evaluation and making informed decisions about your future path, presenting opportunities for personal development and growth. You will be guided to your higher calling.

21: The World

Something big will wrap up this year for you! This year indicates the need for acknowledging and celebrating significant achievements, presenting opportunities for reflecting on your journey and anticipating exciting new challenges and experiences. 

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P.S. - What are your thoughts on this topic? What is your yearly card? I would love to hear from you!


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