Do Tarot Cards Really Predict the Future?

Do Tarot Cards Really Predict the Future?

At some point everyone has a curiosity to know what the future has in store for them. We want to know when we will meet our soul mate, how our careers will go, how various situations in our life will play out, what life will be like in 10 years, 1 year, or even next month.

We tend to get caught up daydreaming about our futures, oftentimes reliving our past, and we sometimes forget that right now is where we actually have the most power to create the lives we want.


When used as a tool for self development and manifestation, I believe this is where Tarot can come in and really shine!

One of the biggest misconceptions is that Tarot cards foretell some sort of absolute future and we have no say, which is very misleading and can be quite scary for anyone who is not familiar with Tarot and how it works.


I want to debunk this myth once and for all and help shed some light on a very misunderstood topic.

When I got my first Tarot reading I was honestly a little terrified! I had no clue what to expect other than what I had seen or heard about fortune tellers, psychics, and Tarot readers mostly through TV and the whole idea of “seeing” into the future felt a little wrong and intimidating to me.

I had been recovering from a very difficult time and the last thing I wanted to hear were predictions of potential doom and gloom in my future.

Fortunately for me I had a wonderful reader who gave me insight into my current situation and also validated my recent struggles.

They did not give any predictions for my future but did follow up the reading with some sound advice as to what I should be focusing on, which left me feeling very empowered. It was more like a counseling session than anything and it was truly a game changer for me!


There may be readers out there that focus on fortune telling but I do not believe that this is where Tarot is best utilized.

Tarot does have the ability to predict the future, based on your current trajectory however it is just that, a prediction.

Tarot gives you insights based on your current circumstances, and this gives you an incredible opportunity to recognize any current beliefs or behaviors that may be helping or hindering you from getting what you want.

You can then use this information to make positive changes if desired and set yourself up on your best possible path. 


I want people to realize that Tarot can be used as a form of guidance to help navigate their lives.

Think of it like a compass telling you where you are and showing you how to get to where you want to go.

Tarot is the perfect tool for making informed choices, navigating challenges, and manifesting goals.

You have the ability to shape and mold your own future, and Tarot can absolutely help you find the best path to achieve your dreams.


Wishing you all the best,



P.S. - What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you used Tarot to achieve your goals? How have readings helped or hurt you in the past? I would love to hear from you!

Comment below and share your experiences!

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