Hey There! I'm Barbara

I'm a mom of 3, wife, intuitive, and lover of Tarot! 

Tarot combined with other spiritual practices has helped me lean into the benevolent and divine guidance that is within us all. By learning to strengthen and trust my intuition I see life through a much clearer lens than ever before and am so grateful where my path has led me.

❝ The way Tarot has changed my life has been profound. Little Sage Tarot was born out of a desire to share my passion and inspire others ❞

My Story

My passion for Tarot began after I received my first reading, gifted from a friend. I was skeptical and intimidated but I decided to give it a try and satisfy my curiosity. My reading was so incredibly accurate, I was stunned! The reader was able to identify all of my recent hardships, current fears that were blocking me, and finished up with some empowering advice. It ended up being a really fantastic reading that left me wanting more, which inevitably opened up so many doors for me.

 After my first reading I became fascinated with Tarot for many reasons. Most prominently, I wanted answers of my own.

 All my life I’ve had a deep spiritual connection and experienced phenomena that I never really understood. I'd always wanted to learn more about my experiences and also find a way to tap into higher guidance at will but I didn’t know how. After that first Tarot reading I thought to myself,  maybe this is a tool that I can use to get answers and higher guidance for myself. So my love for Tarot began as well as an intense spiritual journey that has completely transformed my life.

When I began learning Tarot I soaked up everything I could. I purchased tons of books, scoured the internet, and watched countless videos. I would do 10 card spreads and then research each card trying to understand my readings. Bits and pieces made sense but I still struggled to remember the individual meanings of the cards and then tie them together in a way that was cohesive. Frustrated but determined I didn't give up. I got creative and made myself a deck of Tarot flashcards. I bought piles of notebooks and started to write down all of my readings, my interpretations, and really any thoughts I had. I also made stickers to use with my homemade journals because I am such a visual person I knew this would help me, and it did.

❝When I stopped doing lengthy readings and simply began writing down my experiences with 1 card each day, everything started to click❞

I was able to connect the cards to my personal day to day experiences. I was also able to look back through my notes and see how incredibly accurate all of my readings were, even in the beginning when I had no clue what I was doing! The validation from seeing how far I'd come was a huge confidence builder for me, and kept the fire lit to keep going.

How I learned Tarot

❝I love how Tarot prompts us take a closer look into our own psyche❞

Daily reflection and introspection helps us acknowledge and evaluate not only our own behavior but also the interactions with people around us which can have an incredibly eye opening and positive effect on our lives. When we dive in and really look at our situations from different angles we are able to gain perspective from a neutral place which is so empowering. When used in this way, Tarot has the power to really help us identify and break free from old patterns that we've been stuck in and promote amazing life altering changes. 


❝ I developed Little Sage Tarot for everyday people like me to learn Tarot. The keyword cards make it so easy for beginners to start reading Tarot right away without getting stuck having to immediately reference books and potentially get overwhelmed like I did. The Tarot journals are designed to be luxurious in styling but also super simple for logging daily card pulls without all the extra fluff ❞